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Trudi Conrad

Gordon Clements

In classical circles, he has played clarinet and saxophone with the Palm Court Orchestra for 15 years, performed for much of that period with the Victoria Symphony, played in countless Broadway shows, operettas, wind ensembles and chamber music groups, while also conducting Big Bands. He teaches at Brentwood College and the Victoria Conservatory of Music where he is Head of the new Camosun College/ VCM Jazz Studies program as well as conductor of the Honour Winds & Percussion Ensemble.

But Gordon Clements has another life as a jazz man with a national reputation on saxophone that has expanded in recent years to jazz bass clarinetist. One of the benefits to having a background in classical music (MA. in Performance) and crossing over into jazz (his CD “Bounce” was named one of the top recordings of 2004 by CBC Radio) is the opportunity to collaborate with musicians from both worlds.

What keeps him coming back to the Palm Court Orchestra season after season? “The calibre of these musicians, who are,” he believes, “among the best in North America. When you play with the Palm Court it’s not just about the music, but also the camaraderie amongst us. Everybody loves Charles. He’s so unpretentious – a rarity in orchestra conductors. Besides which my parents and their friends love this music. They never miss a concert.”

For Gordon musicians and audience contribute equally to the concert experience. “The audience is not a sea of people out there in the dark. Every individual in the hall contributes to the energy, warmth, and pleasure of a live performance. Enthusiastic listeners can inspire musicians to produce an electrifying concert experience.”




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